Decorative moss, jan and elegance.

Decorative moss This is the latest trend in interior decoration worldwide. It works perfectly in homes and office spaces as decorative moss. Decorative moss is gaining immense popularity, mainly because it is a virtually maintenance-free plant that can last in an unchanged form for about 8-10 years without watering or trimming.

What is Decorative moss.

Decorative moss naturally occurring moss, that has undergone a stabilization process. As a result, it acquires properties that allow it to maintain its natural color and appearance for almost 10 years.

It is the stabilization process that gives mosses their decorative properties (durability, light resistance, no need for water, color retention). This makes mosses perfectly suitable for use in any interior.

The best moss available on the market comes from Spain and is produced by Verdissimo. Verdissimo is a renowned company specializing in high-quality stabilized mosses, flowers, and plants. Their products are known for their durability, realistic appearance, and ease of maintenance. Thanks to their state-of-the-art production techniques and commitment to using the best materials, Verdissimo’s moss has become a popular choice for interior design projects around the world. Their Spanish moss is highly sought after for its exceptional quality, making it a top choice for both residential and commercial spaces seeking to incorporate greenery into their decor.

Decorative moss, Green walls.

Green Walls with decorative moss are part of a unique, European-scale interior decoration system.

The main element of green walls is stabilized decorative moss used as the primary filling element for a green, vertical wall.

The highest quality pole moss. In combination with traditional flat it creates an ideal effect of a living, natural spatial composition.


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