Unique reflection of nature and the environment

Forest-type green decorations are a premium option in our offer. They include not only mosses but also additional elements such as leaves, grass, and ferns. All green materials undergo a stabilization process that ensures their beautiful color and fresh appearance for many years. As with mosses, Forest-type green walls require no maintenance, do not need watering, and do not require access to sunlight.


Forest decorations are not just moss, they are enriched with elements of leaves, grass, and ferns” translates to.

In every case, the background is moss, which not only serves as a decorative element but also covers the mounting elements for the plants. Forest decorations are divided into three basic groups: 40-60-100% coverage. The percentages indicate the approximate area that will be covered by the greenery, while the uncovered areas consist of flat and sponge moss to maintain a varied texture.

The quintessence of nature – forest moss

Moss and stabilized green materials require no maintenance. Decorations do not require watering, which makes plumbing installation unnecessary, and we do not need to illuminate them with sunlight. Only decorative lighting is recommended. Stabilized materials are anti-static, which means that dust will settle on lacquered furniture, screens, glass, and eventually on decorations. Stabilized flowers and plants are protected against mold, fungi, and insect attacks. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the appearance of a „swarm” of insects on the green wall after some time. Decorations are neutral for insects.

Perfect pictures – green walls made of stabilized plants

What our decorations don’t like:
-We do not water or spray. Stabilized materials cannot come into contact with water.
-It cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. The greenery will fade and is not resistant to radiation UV
-We do not pluck, we stroke. Moss and plants are not resistant to mechanical damage.
– We do not expose it to high temperatures. It is not recommended to mount the decoration near sources of heat such as radiators, heat-generating lighting ,
-They do not like dry air. The recommended humidity range in the room is 45-80%
-Not too hot, the best temperature in the room is between 3-28 degrees Celsius.

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