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We are experts with over 11 years of experience, and green walls it’ our specialty!

Green walls are one of the hottest trends in interior decoration. They bring a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to the space while serving as a stunning adornment that catches the eye.
Our offer includes various types of green decorations, including green walls. With them, you can easily create a natural ambiance in the room, introducing harmony and tranquility. Green walls are particularly popular in offices, as well as in homes and stores.
In our offer, you will find stabilized moss and plants, which we use to create our green decorations. The wide range of products allows us to create exceptionally impressive and diverse decorations. Over 60 species and many colors are a paradise for an artist creating greenery in interiors.
Green walls are an excellent way to bring nature into a room while improving its aesthetics. With them, you can create an impression of more space and openness, as well as evoke positive emotions in people staying in the area.
We invite you to explore our offer of green decorations, including green walls, which will enable you to create a beautiful, natural interior. If you have any questions, we are here to help you choose the best solutions that meet your expectations.” Translate the text.

Whether you want to create a unique green wall design in your company, studio, hotel, or private home, we invite you to take advantage of our services.

We can design and build a green wall on any surface and customize every interior element (ceiling, walls, floors) so that it becomes the green wall of your dreams in the future.

Green Walas – Definition

A green wall with moss and stabilized plants is a special type of green wall, consisting of natural plants such as moss or stabilized plants, which do not require any maintenance activities. As a result, such a green wall does not require an irrigation system or lighting, making it more economical and environmentally friendly compared to traditional green walls.
Plants used in the green wall with moss and stabilized plants undergo stabilization processes, which involve the use of special chemical substances such as glycerin and acids to prevent them from drying out. In this way, the plants retain their natural structure and color, and do not require watering.
Green walls with moss and stabilized plants are a popular solution in interior design and landscape architecture. They are used in both private homes and public spaces, such as offices, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. In addition to their aesthetic values, green walls with moss and stabilized plants contribute to noise reduction in interiors and provide comfort in a natural green environment.

Why the bear choice is us?

We have been creating green walls for over 12 years and have completed a vast number of projects in homes, offices, restaurants, and public spaces. From the very beginning, we have been using only the highest quality materials in our work. This level of quality is provided by the brand Verdissimo.

Verdissimo is one of the leading companies in the industry of stabilized mosses, flowers, and plants, offering a wide selection of high-quality products. With their experience and advanced production technology, Verdissimo offers products that look very realistic, are durable, and easy to maintain.

The company offers various types of stabilized mosses, flowers, and plants, providing top-quality Premium decoration materials. Verdissimo’s products are perfect for interior arrangements, offices, stores, and other spaces where natural plants are not available or difficult to maintain.

Green Walas – High quality

Especially for you.

The high quality of Verdissimo’s products results from their precise production and the use of the best materials. The company employs a special technology that allows for the preservation of the natural appearance and durability of stabilized flowers and plants. Verdissimo’s products are also easy to care for, requiring no watering, fertilizing, or pruning.

The company also cares about the natural environment and implements sustainable production practices. All materials used in the production of Verdissimo’s products are biodegradable or suitable for recycling. The company also applies modern solutions related to transportation and storage optimization, helping to minimize environmental impact.

In summary, Verdissimo is a company offering high-quality stabilized mosses, flowers, and plants that look very realistic, are durable, and require no maintenance. Verdissimo’s products are ideal for interior arrangements and other spaces, and the company cares about the natural environment and implements sustainable production practices.

The unique and innovative method of preserving plants in time has made green walls not only a decoration of the space they occupy but also a feast for the senses. 

Forest – decorations made od STABILIZED palanta.

Green walls are becoming an increasingly popular solution in interior design. One of the most interesting and unique types of green walls are those made of moss and stabilized plants. Below, we provide some important information about such green walls.

What are stabilized plants? Stabilized plants are natural plants that have undergone a stabilization process. This process involves replacing the plant’s sap with a special solution that allows them to maintain their natural appearance and color for a long time without the need for watering and maintenance.

What is a green wall with moss and stabilized plants? A green wall with moss and stabilized plants is a structure composed of panels. The panels are made of green material mounted on a substrate. The green wall is mounted directly to the wall without any additional substructures, making installation incredibly fast. Panels are lightweight, with a maximum weight of 3 kg per square meter.

What are the advantages of a green wall with moss and stabilized plants? Green walls with moss and stabilized plants have many advantages, such as:

Improving the aesthetics and style of the interior, adding natural beauty and a pleasant atmosphere.
Absorbing sounds, thus improving the acoustics in the room.
Being easy to maintain and not requiring watering, which means you don’t have to worry about the need for regular care.
What are the disadvantages of a green wall with moss and stabilized plants? Green walls with moss and stabilized plants are sensitive to the conditions prevailing in the room. In an environment that is too dry or too humid, they can be damaged.

In summary, green walls with moss and stabilized plants are a unique and spectacular way to improve the appearance of a room or outdoor space.

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