Thanking America: Our Journey with Moss and Stabilized Plants

I am immensely grateful that an increasing number of US citizens are recognizing and appreciating what I create. Regardless of distance, geography, or cultural differences, it is for you that we create our green works. Our journey filled with moss and stabilized plants is incredibly thrilling.

We started with small steps in Poland, creating green oases in the urban landscape. Looking back at those first accomplishments, I see how much has changed. Our vision of green design has evolved, as have our skills and techniques. Initially focused on creating green walls and small decorations, now our works encompass entire ecosystems enclosed in glass, office spaces full of plants, and even green ceilings.

Our journeys throughout Europe, where we had the chance to adorn diverse spaces from hotels to offices, enriched our experiences and broadened our horizons. Each project was a source of inspiration and learning for us, shaping our approach to creation and understanding the role green spaces play in people’s lives.

Our debut in the American market was a significant step. America has always symbolized boundless possibilities, and it was here that we truly understood how far we could push our creativity. The vibrant colors of moss, the diversity of plants, shapes, and forms we can create – all become sources of endless inspiration.

We’re delighted to share our passion with you and are grateful for all the positive feedback you’ve been giving us. Your interest in our works is incredibly uplifting and spurs us to keep creating. In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who supports us in our mission of introducing nature to urban spaces. Thank you, America, for embracing us and our vision of a greener world. Here’s to many more years of creative collaboration and growth!