Greenery in shopping center, or rather the lack of it.

The lack of greenery in shopping centers is mainly due to three reasons:

Lack of natural light – shopping centers often have large windows, but due to their large size, they are often obstructed by buildings or internal structures. The lack of sufficient natural light makes it difficult for most plants to thrive, which means that greenery in shopping centers would require additional lighting and the creation of an artificial microclimate. Lack of space – shopping centers are usually designed to accommodate as many shops and kiosks as possible, which means that space for greenery is limited. Additionally, for safety reasons, some plants may be prohibited in shopping centers. Maintenance costs – the cost of maintaining plants in shopping centers can be very high. It is necessary to hire a specialist or a company that deals with greenery care, which can be a significant expense.

Nevertheless, some shopping centers are increasingly appreciating the value of greenery and are starting to introduce it into their spaces. Many shopping centers opt for green walls, planters, and other decorative elements that introduce a natural atmosphere and pleasant ambiance for customers.

An alternative to traditional greenery in shopping centers may be decorations made of stabilized greenery. Stabilized plants are natural plants that have undergone a special process, which allows them to maintain their appearance and color for a long time without the need for watering or other forms of care. Decorations made of stabilized greenery can take various forms, such as green walls, planters, bonsai trees, or decorative mosses.

Stabilized greenery is not only an aesthetic solution, but also a more economical one, as it does not require regular maintenance, which translates into lower maintenance costs. Additionally, stabilized plants can be mounted in places where traditional greenery is not possible to arrange, such as in places with limited space or a lack of natural light.

Introducing decorations made of stabilized greenery to shopping centers can be an excellent solution, as it introduces a natural atmosphere and positively affects the well-being of customers. It also offers many possibilities for arrangement and personalization, allowing decorations to be adapted to the style and character of the shopping center.